Powerful alone, better together.

For Brands

​The Direct-to-Consumer platform is a revenue-generating extension of your brand/marketplace. The more orders you send our retailers, the more we pay you. Once you hit your monthly order minimum, it’s all profit for you.


For Retailers

It’s simple: we send our retail clients orders they otherwise would have never gotten. We leverage the marketing abilities of our Direct-to-Consumer partners to guarantee increased revenue for your retail operation.

Connect Brands + Retailers
First, we connect our brand and retail clients through our Direct-to-Consumer platform.
Sync Inventory + Reflect Menu Items
Then, we sync our retailers’ inventory with the desired menu items reflected on the brand’s eCommerce shop.
Drive Orders, Make Money
Finally, a brand/marketplace can begin selling cannabis products on their eCommerce shop. All orders are fulfilled by our licensed retail partners.

Grow Your Web, Expand Your Reach

Partner with WebJoint brands to grow your network. The bigger your network,
the more orders that can be sent to your business. It’s a no-brainer! More connections means increased revenue!

Grow with us. Stay connected.