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Dispensary & Delivery Service Cloud Based Software.

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Premium features

Patient Verification

Say goodbye to unhappy patients because of long wait times at the front desk! WebJoint allows you to pre-register patients into your online collective database, and verify each automatically without pushing a single button. Patients that pre-register online can skip the paper registration!

WebJoint sends patient reminders via email and sms as their recommendation is scheduled to expire. A green icon shows that their rec is not expired, a yellow icon shows that their rec is close to expiring, and a red icon shows that their rec is already expired.

Point Of Sale

When patients are verified and checked in, you can ring them up in the back with your WebJoint Point of Sale System! The POS keeps track of inventory coming in and inventory going out; when an order is placed it subtracts that quantity from your total inventory.

The POS also keeps track of sales and expenses, creates an order history for your patients, and can print receipts of their order on the spot.

Compatible Hardware : ID/Credit Card Swiper, Barcode Scanner, Label and Receipt Printers, and Cash Drawer.

Order your hardware set directly from us! It'll come preinstalled with WebJoint software; simply plug-and-play.

Online Store

To start, WebJoint allows you to create your own ".com" website so you can start accepting orders online. You can import your entire menu from other source. Or if you don't use those services you can create your own menu online.

Once a patient is signed up and verified they can place orders for delivery or pickup without even calling! They can pay with cash or credit and you get a notification when the order is placed.

Delivery Management

Once you've created your .com website with WebJoint, your patients can place orders for delivery online. You can add a delivery fee if needed, or a minimum order amount. We make it so easy, they won't even need to pick up the phone to call you!

Once the order is placed you get a notification to make the delivery. You can assign the order to specific drivers, have a route mapped out for them, and see the delivery happening live.

Dispensary or Delivery Service Website

What separates WebJoint software from the rest is the custom website building capabilities. You can create a website for your dispensary or delivery in less than 15 minutes! There are countless benefits to having your own ".com" website, instead of just being on a cannabis directory.

On your website you can add your logo, first time patient offers, social networks, contact information, operating hours, coupons, reviews, blog, and menu.

You can start accepting orders online and by telling your patients to use your website, you avoid competition from others and boost loyalty!