Cannabis Delivery Compliance & Expected Start...

About this Resource Guide The Los Angeles cannabis delivery licensing program for Social Equity applicants is progressing steadily. With all the developments, applicants and future licensees should be prepared for the next step—understanding startup costs. In this collaborative resource guide, WebJoint and SEOWA dive deep into the compliance and expected startup costs for cannabis deliveries

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Delivery Licensing Los Angeles
California Cannabis Delivery Startup Curriculum

About this Resource Guide The Los Angeles cannabis delivery licensing application window opens October 20, 2020 at 2PM and requires multiple documents be submitted along with your application. The City of Los Angeles has agreed to grant an unlimited amount of cannabis delivery licenses for Social Equity applicants. We have put together a comprehensive guide

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Digital Marketing
Getting Started with Digital Marketing for Your Ca...

About this Resource Guide Having a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your cannabis delivery service. Your cannabis delivery doesn’t have the luxury of having a brick-and-mortar dispensary on a busy street for consumers to shop at. Your shops are virtual; you rely on your eCommerce website to facilitate

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Brand Strategy
Developing a Comprehensive Brand Strategy for Your...

About this Resource Guide Developing a comprehensive brand strategy prior to launching is imperative for the longevity of your cannabis brand. Take the first step and begin developing your brand strategy with our guide below!

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Great Customer Experience
Developing a Great Customer Experience for Your Ca...

About this Resource Guide The customer experience is an often misunderstood and underutilized tool for cannabis delivery services. With the information in this resource guide, you’ll find 4 simple steps to develop a great customer experience for your business.

Cannabis Delivery Resources - COVID-19
COVID-19 & Your Cannabis Delivery Service

About this Resource Guide As most deliveries across the state continue to operate, there are a few precautions you as a manager/owner should take to protect your staff—especially delivery drivers on the field.

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Phase 3, Round 1 Licensing
Preparing your Phase 3, Round 1 Licensing Applicat...

About this Resource Guide September 3, 2019 at 10AM marks the opening of the Phase 3 application period of the City of Los Angeles. Be sure your application is ready to go with this resource guide.

Cannabis Delivery Resources - 280E Taxes
280E: Understanding and Overcoming Tax Deduction F...

About this Resource Guide What is 280E and how does it affect Cannabis Deliveries? The WebJoint Team answers these questions and more in this resource guide.

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Branding
Branding Your Cannabis Delivery

About this Resource Guide Cannabis products are now branded and there’s no reason why cannabis deliveries shouldn’t brand themselves. With the information in this resource guide, you’ll be able to take your delivery service to the next level.

Cannabis Delivery Resources - Compliance Violations
Five Common Compliance Violations Cannabis Deliver...

About this Resource Guide Don’t overlook these simple compliance violations that could put your cannabis delivery at risk!