We're at 200+ and Counting, New Features Added Monthly!

Website Builder

WebJoint allows you to make your own ".com" website with all the accessories. Add your logo, first time patient offers, social networks, contact information, operating hours, coupons, reviews, blog, and menu. Now you can tell all of your patients to visit you online!

Online Ordering

Now that you have your website up and running, you can pull your menu from other sources, or create your own manually. When your patients visit your website, they can sign up, get verified, and place orders online with cash or bank payments.

Point of Sale

Track your orders by using our unique cannabis POS. Every order that gets placed in-store gets put through WebJoint and a receipt is printed for your patients. This makes it really easy to keep track of your inventory and profit!

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your inventory by knowing exactly how much is left! Our inventory manager allows you to create a menu that will display on your website and in your POS; add images, descriptions, pricing, health information, and more.

Customers & Loyalty

Create a stronger bond with your patients by never losing touch with them. You can build your patient base by keeping track of every profile, sending emails, coupons and more. In addition, your patients can earn digital loyalty points everytime they come by!

Delivery Tracking

This really is the ultimate solution for delivery services! WebJoint gives you the ability to recieve orders online; your patients won't even need to pick up the phone anymore. Once you get the order online, WebJoint maps your route and assigns it to a driver.

Analytics & Reports

We make traceability easy by running everything in the backend. Everytime a patient signs up, everytime an order gets placed, and everytime a donation is made, WebJoint keeps track of the numbers for you. You can look at daily, weekly and monthly reports.

Staff Management

Having multiple employees can quickly become a headache when the time comes for payroll, keeping track of hours worked, and taking care of taxes. With WebJoint, your employees can clock in when their day starts and keep track of their hours automatically.