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Company description

Pyrotree Inc. is the company behind WebJoint and CodeKush. In early 2014, we started to take on web development projects for cannabis businesses. We realized that not many companies were targeting this niche, and the ones who were weren't taking it to the professional level we desired to see. After months of making websites for dispensaries and deliveries, we recognized a trend in the features that people were asking for. We decided to put these features together, and create a software that was needed in the industry. We launched this software, WebJoint, near the end of 2014. is an all-in-one cannabis software that helps manage inventory, sales, deliveries, employees, customers (patients), and more.

Product description

WebJoint is an all-in-one software that helps manage the day-to-day tasks for any cannabis business. By using WebJoint, cannabis business owners can launch their own .com website equipped with various tools built specifically for this industry. In medical states, patients can sign up on on your own website and get instantly verified. Once they are verified, they can place orders online using their bank account or cash on pickup. Apart from helping you create an online presence for your business, WebJoint can manage your inventory, sales, deliveries, employees, customers (patients), and more.

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