We help your company grow

From the first steps, to adding new locations

We pride ourselves in being a company that does it all. We help tons of people take their first steps into the cannabis industry, and we support people who are already well established with multiple businesses. There is no job too small or too large for us.

WebJoint software was built with every stage of a business in mind. From the first steps of creating a web presence and trying to attract new customers (or customers), to the last steps of adding new locations and expanding, we've got it covered. Keep scrolling below to see a breakdown of phases all cannabis business go through, and how WebJoint supports them the whole way.

Step 1: Set up your Business Infrastructure

Think about how you want your business to operate. Who reports to who? Do you want to offer online ordering? What discounts and loyalty programs do you want in place? Once you have a gameplan, you can use WebJoint Software to put everything in motion. For now, we support retail businesses (medical and Adult-Use) but will be supporting cultivators soon as well.

Create staff accounts

Use WebJoint to set up your staff members and give them the tools they need to do their job. As the business owner, you can restrict certain parts of the software so your staff only sees the parts that they need. All of your staff can now log in and do their job using the tools our software provides.

Train your staff

Get everyone together and run them through the software. Make sure they know how to log in, and what to do when they are logged in. Once they get the hang of it, they'll be able to do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. If you need help training your staff, just let us know! We offer training over the internet as well as in-person training for southern California locations.

Set up your inventory

Now that your staff is set up, you'll want to make sure you put your inventory into WebJoint. You can add categories such as "Indica", "Sativa" and "Edibles", then add inventory items in each category. With each inventory item, you can add product descriptions, images, medical info, and pricing information. Every time you make a sale, WebJoint will deduct that item from your inventory so you'll always know when it's time to restock.

Set up your website

WebJoint is the only software that makes cannabis-friendly websites with features meant for the industry. Use WebJoint's cannabis website builder to add your logo, first time customer offers, contact info, social media links, and marijuana menu. You can chose to only use your website for marketing purposes, or take it a step further and open up for online sales.

If you want to take your website a step further, we offer full customization services.
If you need professional photos to put on your website or social media pages, we offer that too.

Set up hardware and IT

You need to have hardware at your location in order to ring up sales and print receipts. Medical locations also need hardware in the front of the store to check in and verify customers. We offer all-in-one touch screen computers, cash drawers, receipt printers, ID sliders, barcode scanners, and more. You can purchase the hardware through us, and we'll make sure everything is installed and ready for use when it gets to your location. We even offer in-house set up for locations throughout southern California.

Set up your email

WebJoint integrated with Google Email through GSuite. With GSuite you can have emails that use your website (such as contact@mydispensary.com). Simply sign up at gsuite.google.com, and then get in touch with us to integrate everything together. Within 24 hours your custom emails will be up and running.

Step 2: Start Running your Business

Now it's time for action! You need to make sales, manage your customers (or Adult-Use customers), make deliveries (if you offer delivery), and more. Hundreds of business owners use WebJoint to run all of these on a day-to-day basis.

Ring up sales with a cannabis point of sale

Open the WebJoint Point of Sale on a laptop, computer, or tablet. You can use it on any device, Macs and Windows, iPhones and Android. Our cannabis-friendly point of sale allows you to ring up your marijauna products by weight (grams, eigths, ounces, etc.) as well as your edibles by volume (1 edible, 2 edibles, etc.). When you punch in an order, WebJoint keeps track of your inventory lost as well as the profits gained.

Make coupons for marketing

To start gaining traction, you can create coupon codes to attract new customers. Advertise your coupon codes on your social media accounts, or even your website. Customers can use the coupon codes in-stores or online if you have online ordering enabled.

Verify your customers (for medical locations)

Customer verification is a pain, but it does not have to be. Instead of manually verifying one by one, you can use WebJoint to automatically verify your medical customers. Customers can sign up on your website and upload their ID information and their doctors recommendation. Or you can create an account for your customers when they walk into your store. Either way, WebJoint takes their information and connects to the proper databases to see if their doctors recommendation is still valid or not. Verified customers will be show up as green, while customers with expired recommendations will show up as red.

Manage your deliveries (for delivery businesses)

You can use WebJoint to dispatch deliveries to specific drivers. Each one of your drivers can have a separate WebJoint account, where they can log in and see all of the orders they need to deliver. They can use WebJoint to map directions, and mark the order as complete once it's delivered.

Step 3: Maintain your Business

Now that you've gotten things up and running, it's time to keep things going! We know that there a lot of small details to take care of as a cannabis business owner so we try to make it as easy as possible.

Email your customers (or customers)

Make sure to keep in constant contact with your customers so they know you care! It's super important to build these relationships so your customers feel comfortable coming back to your business. With WebJoint, you can create different groups of customers and email those groups with content you think they will like. Keep them up to date with news, coupon codes, and more.

Keep your business compliant

Different states require different measures for compliance. If you're in a state that we support, our software follows the rules and regulations that that state mandates. WebJoint takes care of highly technical things like inventory management, sales reporting, product labeling and more.

Manage your sales reports

It's crucial for any business to keep track of their profits and losses. You need to know how much money you're making, what your products are costing you, and more. With WebJoint, you can export sales reports in .CSV (excel) format so you can crunch your numbers and stay on top of your business.

Prepare for taxes

WebJoint integrates with third-party accounting software so you'll be covered when it's tax time. You'll already know how much money you spent, how much money you made, and what you owe for taxes. Every state's marijuana tax policy differs, so it's even more important for cannabis businesses to keep accurate records.


Once you've mastered the art of owning a cannabis business, you'll probably be excited to open up another location. With WebJoint, you can have use your master account to create new accounts for new locations. Your master account will remain in control of all of the locations, and you can manage everything in one place. We even offer discounts for business owners that already use WebJoint software for one location and want to add another location.

Video promos and advertisements

When you've reached the time to expand, we can even help you make videos for your business. Use these videos to advertise great deals, or just to show off your business. Make sure everyone in your community knows about your business and where you are located!

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