Cannabis Cultivation Software

Track facilities, plants, life cycle, and generate reports

WebJoint grow software allows cultivators to track every aspect of their grow to generate the necessary reports for compliance. These reports are automatically synchronized with each state track-and-trace program to provide cultivators, lab testers, and more to track their operation and keeping a chain of custody through the entire cultivation cycle.

If the state your in has legalized marijuana, chances are they have already implemented a mandated track and trace platform which every licensee is required to report to. Even if these advancements have not been made in your state currently. Chances are that they are just around the corner. Take a look at the information below, explaining how WebJoint cultivation software tracks operations from "seed-to-sale".

Track Plants From Seed or Clone

Our cultivation software gives growers the ability to add plants and events. Plants are segmented and organized to their corrected facilities/rooms/positions. Generally, you track your plant from its begining life cycle phases from seed or clone. Chain of custody is important and also a requirement.

Add unlimited facilities, rooms, and plants. Gather data and use it better your operation.

Get Organized with Reports and Statistics

Track every asset in your operation and organize by facility, room, employee and more. Everything from ballasts to bulbs to nutrients. Manage every room, stay organized and understand your margins. Track room types, light schedules, and more. Ever want to know how much your nutrients cost you every feed, every week, or every harvest? Now is your chance.